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SpinDuo+ Fully Automatic Record Player System


SpinDuo+ by Andover

The SpinDuo+ is a limited time offer system combining our award winning SpinBase speaker with SpinDeck MAX turntable providing the convenience of fully automatic playback.  

Everything you need to get spinning vinyl records quickly, enjoying your music in no time at all with the convenience of push button start, stop, and speed changes! 

The German engineered turntable offers fully automatic operation, flick the start/stop switch and let SpinDeck MAX do the rest. The tonearm will automatically lift from its rest position and start playing at the beginning of the record. At the end, it will lift up automatically and return to rest again. The design also easily allows the user to change turntable speeds.

The SpinBase amplified speaker system is specifically designed for use directly under a turntable featuring ISOGroove anti-vibration feedback technology enabling clear and loud playback of records with bass and NO acoustic feedback! Simple connection, elegant style, high performing vinyl record player. 

Simply. Great. Sound.

Fully-Automatic turntable - Start and Stop switch makes it incredibly easy to begin and stop record playback.  

Proven cartridge - Pre-mounted and Pre-balanced Ortofon OM10 cartridge will reveal musical details you have perhaps never heard before

Dual Speed - Switch Selectable 45/33 RPM playback to support the most common vinyl record formats!

Versatile - SpinBase includes Phono Input, Line (Aux) Input, and Bluetooth receiver built in.  SpinDuo can playback everything from Vinyl to digital music from your smartphone!

High Performance Playback - IsoGroove™ Technology, Class D amplifier and 270° loudspeaker array combine to deliver soul-satisfying, room-filling music reproduction.