About Andover Audio

The Andover team, led by former Cambridge SoundWorks General Manager Rob Mainiero, is a collection of audio experts and engineers from an iconic lineup of companies, including Apogee Acoustics, Acoustic Research, Harman, Bose and a/d/s/.

Since its formation in 2012, Andover Audio has provided its design and manufacturing services to the most recognized brands in automotive, telecommunications, and high-performance consumer audio. Andover is now focusing its award-winning approach on its own branded products, blending innovative audio technologies with distinctive design. 

Its flagship product, the Model One Record Player, is a high-grade turntable music system. It combines a Pro-Ject turntable with a high-grade audio system that supports vinyl playback, Bluetooth, and connection to external devices, such as CD players and streaming devices. Feedback-free phono playback is made possible by Isogroove™, an exclusive Andover Audio technology that eliminates the occurrence of feedback between turntable and speaker. This allows the turntable to be mounted in the same, low-profile enclosure as the speakers, without fidelity-disruptive hum. The result is great sound in a compact package. Accessories for Model One upgrade it from table-top device to a complete entertainment system with LP storage and a range-extending subwoofer.

"[Model One] produces a very wide soundstage that is literally, mind-blowingly good."
- Michael Fremer (Editor, Analogplanet.com)

Andover is continuing to grow its unique lineup of turntable music systems, including Spinbase – the first speaker base for turntables – as well as its line of Planar Magnetic headphones, starting with the PM-50

“The PM-50 packs a lot of value, with great comfort, precision build quality, and superb sound from its reference-grade planar magnetic drivers. We’re excited to introduce the PM-50 as the first of many Andover products into the critical-listening headphone space.”
– Bob Hazelwood (Director of Engineering)

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Rob Mainiero was previously General Manger at Cambridge Soundworks, Eastern-Regional Manager at Alpine, and National Sales Manager at a/d/s/.

Rob Mainiero


Lori is a seasoned accounting/finance professional with experience across several business sectors. She is responsible for the overall financial operations of the company

Lori Whelan, CPA

Director of Engineering & Product Dev.

Bob has 35+ experience in retail sales, retail management, manufacturer technical support, service and repair, training, product design, marketing, and brand management. 

Bob Hazelwood

Director of Business Development

Dan is a three-way interface with our customers, our factories, and our engineers. He ensures new opportunities are established as viable, and most importantly successful.

Dan Marsh

Director of Operations

Mark oversees procurement and inventory management as well as forecasting and logistics leveraging over 25 years’ industry experience in these disciplines.

Mark Reeves

Director of Marketing

James oversees the Andover Audio brand, spanning e-commerce, PR, communications, advertising, and content.

James DiPaolo

Electrical Engineer

John is an electrical engineer specializing in audio amplifier and switchmode power supply design.

John Levreault

Mechanical Engineer

Tom is a veteran of respected Audio companies including Acoustic Research, Apogee acoustics, Cambridge SoundWorks, as well as former computer powerhouse Wang Labs. 

Tom Guardabascio

Mechanical Engineer

Andres brings a wealth of knowledge in the newest technologies for mechanical simulation, testing, and manufacturing.

Andres Murillo

Wood Modeling & Rework

Jim is a wood craftsman who applies his skills to creating speaker prototypes and finished products.

Jim Guzzi

Project and Quality Manager

Tony has a long and varied career in the audio and automotive industries. Tony works with our manufacturing partners to assure quality and consistency in their output.

Tony Rogers

Factory Engineer

Mariel represents Andover at our factories overseas, ensuring high-quality and timely delivery of our products.

Marial Zhang

Logistics Manager

Tin communicates with customer buyers and factory reps, handling logistics, documentation, and Chinese-English translation.

Tin Tsui

Customer Support Specialist

Rich has been putting the customer first in Audio, Software, and Music for over 20yrs.

Rich Bean