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Andover Audio: Simply. Great. Sound.™

Our Goal

At Andover Audio, we know big component audio systems. We own them. We love them. But we also know they’re just not suitable for every room, every listener, and every budget. That’s why we’re dedicated to making the pleasures of first-rate music reproduction available to more people in more places than ever before. We use advanced technology to reduce the size, cost, and complexity of listening well.

The resulting components are ideal for a music lover’s first system or an audiophile’s second system; for bedrooms, dorm rooms and offices; and for anyone whose appetite for great sound is bigger than their budget. Our work has been applauded by music lovers, appreciated by audiophiles and acclaimed by some of the most demanding journalists on the planet.


We’re not newbies. Based north of Boston in Andover, Massachusetts, our team is steeped in the great New England audio tradition. Our careers involved creating legendary components for the likes of Acoustic Research, a/d/s/, Advent, Apogee Acoustics, Bose, Cambridge SoundWorks, and Harman.

Since our start in 2012, Andover Audio has designed and manufactured products for leaders in automotive, telecommunications, and high-performance consumer audio. Now we’re focusing our award-winning approach on our own products, combining terrific sound, easy operation, and timeless design.

ISOGroove Technology

The core technology in many of Andover Audio's products is ISOgroove (patent pending) – a turntable feedback-cancellation technology. ISOgroove allows Spinbase users to place any turntable on its top without the resulting feedback issues, an unprecedented achievement in the home audio industry. Similarly, ISOgroove prevents feedback from occurring in the fully integrated Andover-One Turntable Music System. Andover’s primary philosophy is to offer compact integrated designs that are intuitive, fun to use, which appeal to the music enthusiast and supports all forms of music content delivery.

All Andover Audio products incorporate audiophile components and a wide range of technologies and features that consumers expect in today's more sophisticated audio products. This includes Apt-X Bluetooth, AAC Codecs, Proprietary DSP, 24 bit/192kHz compatibility, Bi-Amplified Filterless Class-D Amplifiers with Digital Crossovers, AMT Tweeters and Aluminum Woofers with Neodymium Magnets.



George Samuels


Grew up in Trumbull, CT,  then Lehigh U. where I first got really interested in audio. I have been privileged to have known and worked all my adult life with people some of whom are the audio legends everyone knows and others who could/should be.  

Fun Fact:I've been the custodian of a classic wooden sailboat for the past 25 years where I have been lucky enough to have known and sailed with builders and sailors on the same level in a remarkably similar world where science and art come together.

Favorite Album:Dave Mason, Alone Together

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Bob Hazelwood

Director of Engineering and Product Development

Born and raised in South Jersey, now Amesbury, MA. I'm passionate about my family and saving the world from bad sound! I love working with my hands and creating. I built my first amplifier at age 15 and have been hooked on audio ever since! It's rewarding to be able to build products that make it easy for people to share a passion for great sound, without getting confused by the technology of it all.

Fun Fact:My hobbies are Slot Car racing, Motorcycling and cars.

Favorite Artist:Frank Zappa. An incredible musician and composer who was revered by other musicians and usually misunderstood by the general public.

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Dan Marsh

Director of Business Development

Born and raised in Southern New Hampshire! I love my family, music & audio gear and overcoming difficult challenges!  listening to music, specifically, 90s Alternative but I really enjoy anything that sounds good! I also enjoy riding motorcycles, and cooking over a fire! Who doesn't love a good BBQ!? 

Fun Fact: I drink iced coffee year round, even in below freezing temps! I can be found drinking it while watching 'The Godfather 2' and decoding the many lessons hidden within.

Favorite Artist & Album:Nearly impossible to pick just one but if I had to it would be Nirvana! The 1994 release of 'MTV Unplugged in NY' never gets old.