SpinDeck 2 Semi-Automatic Turntable


Treat your records right

Vinyl sound can be wonderful, with a musical expressiveness that takes new listeners by surprise. Unlock the beauty of vinyl with the SpinDeck™ 2 turntable. From the rubber isolation feet on the bottom to the motor, tonearm, and cartridge, every aspect is engineered to bring out the beauty of your precious LPs. This semi-automatic vinyl record player is easy to use and high quality!


"At the end of the day, I would have no qualms recommending this turntable to anyone who is interested in getting started with vinyl or is looking to dust off their old record collection and enjoy the warm sound that vinyl records bring" FutureAudiophile.com 


Restricting resonance

Because a phono cartridge is designed to respond to vibrations, the turntable must protect the music from any kind of vibration or resonance, whether internal or external. For this compelling reason, the SpinDeck 2 turntable fights resonance across the board. Shelf-borne vibration is suppressed by sturdy rubber isolator feet. The motor minimizes vibration, while the platter is further protected by the drive belt. A special high density rubber damping mat is affixed to the bottom of the platter, and a soft silicone rubber slip mat supports your record while damping any remaining vibrations. And of course, the supplied dust cover helps block airborne vibration. The result is wonderfully clear music reproduction, even in quiet passages.

Up to speed

Because the speed of platter rotation translates directly to Musical pitch, wavering speed degrades the music. That’s why the DC motor is meticulously stabilized. And the diecast, machined aluminum platter acts as a flywheel, for an added degree of tonal clarity.

Automatic shutoff

For your convenience, at the end of a side, the tonearm automatically lifts and returns to its rest and the platter stops. The automatic mechanism is engineered with acetal resin – a clever material that self-lubricates for exceptionally long operating life.

High-precision tonearm with pre-mounted cartridge

To effortlessly track the record, the aluminum tonearm uses exceptionally precise metal bearings, low mass, an adjustable counterweight and integrated headshell. The pre-mounted AT 3600 phono cartridge from Audio
Technica helps bring out the inner beauty of your albums. And even if you’re new to turntables, setup is a snap. Don’t believe it? Check out this video.

The centerpiece of your system

Available in black or white finish, the SpinDeck 2 turntable is a cosmetic match for our SpinBase™ and SpinBase MAX systems. But it’s also a fabulous choice for connecting to a traditional component high fidelity system. However you prefer to listen, the SpinDeck 2 turntable is a terrific choice.

Looking for a turntable and a speaker? look no further.