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At Andover Audio, we’re dedicated to making the pleasures of first-rate music reproduction available to more people in more places than ever before. In the process, we’ve developed unique, patent-pending technologies that allow our turntables & turntable speakers to produce room filling, loud & life-like sound without feedback.

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ISOgroove Technology is our revolutionary patent-pending technology.It addresses a common challenge faced by turntable users: feedback & vibrations that can occur when a turntable's speakers are placed too close to the turntable itself; interfering with the delicate playback of the vinyl.

Traditional speaker designs often require separate placement, which can be cumbersome and result in a less-than-ideal setup.Andover Audio's Isogroove Technology solves this problem by incorporating the speakers directly beneath the turntable, in a compact and streamlined design. This unique configuration ensures that vibrations and feedback are minimized, allowing for pristine sound reproduction without any disruptive distortions.