SpinBase Turntable Speaker System


All-in-One Powered Speaker System for Turntables

  • Finalist - Best Speakers of 2020 (Sound&Vision)
  • Powered Speaker of the Year (HiFi Trends)
  • Connect to any Turntable, New or Old
  • Built-In Phono Pre-Amp
  • Bluetooth
  • 270º Sound Dispersion
  • IsoGroove Feedback-Free Performance
  • Bass and Treble EQ Controls
  • Headphone Output

    • Bass + Treble EQ Controls
    • Ceramic Cartridge Switch
    • Class D Amplification
    • 18W RMS per channel
    • Frequency Range: 60Hz-20kHz
    • Dimensions: (18in/46cm W, 13.5in/34cm L, 3.25in/8cm H)
    • Two Year Warranty. You may visit our “Two Year Warranty” page for more information.

Media Reviews

"...spin your records and get satisfyingly smooth, feedback-free sound and musical pleasure well beyond the Spinbase’s $300 price point. I loved it!"
Michael Fremer (Editor, Analogplanet.com)

“...very compact and great-sounding package well worth your attention.”
Ian White (Jazziz Magazine)

"If you have limited space — or budget — and still want to enjoy the most out of your turntable’s capabilities, Andover Audio’s Spinbase is a no-brainer."
Brad Moon (Forbes)

"With record after record, I found the Spinbase to be a great way to enjoy music…Spinbase is perfect for a small dorm room or office...” (S&V Top Pick)
Michael Trei (Sound & Vision)

"Great product that can be used in your main living space..."
Andrew Robinson (Youtuber and Recovering Audiophile)

"This is a very good product. I highly recommend it."
Paul Cash (Hi-Fi Insider)

Customer Reviews

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