Does Songbird provide end-to-end 24/192 resolution?


Songbird provides lossless decoding of music files from High-Resolution services up to 24-bit/192 kHz. In order to provide compatibility with legacy audio equipment, and to facilitate reliable multi-room streaming capability, its digital output is resampled to CD quality resolution of 16 bit/ 44.1kHz.

How does this plug into my Spinbase with a turntable plugged in?

Songbird plugs into your “Line / Ceramic Cartridge” RCA Input. This works automatically alongside your turntable, which is plugged into the “Magnetic Phono” input.

How does Songbird connect with Andover-One?

Andover-One features a Digital Optical Input, into which Songbird can be plugged. You may connect Songbird to Andover-One via its Analog Aux Input.

Does Songbird support Gapless Streaming?

(Updated Dec 7, 2020) Gapless is only supported with the native apps from the providers, using airplay or DLNA connections to transmit from another device to SongBird. Gapless requires internal storage, which this current chip version does not support.

How can I update the firmware to the latest version?

Updates are distributed to all product owners via the Songbird Control app. The option will appear in the app when it's available to download.

What if I don't have a WiFi network in my home.

Songbird can act as a Personal Hotspot, to which your iPhone can connect directly. This requires Songbird to have a hardwired ethernet connection to the internet.

How does Songbird decide between Ethernet and WiFi?

Songbird favors Ethernet connection over WiFi.