Maximize Your Vinyl Record Playback Sound and Performance

Ideal for those who crave intense, immaculate sound; the SpinBase MAX record player speaker features enhanced power and larger bass drivers for room-filling sound and top notch performance.

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SpinBase MAX Turntable Speaker ft. Bluetooth Input & Output



Get even more from your turntable

We created our original SpinBase™ system to deliver satisfying sound from your turntable – without all the fuss of a component audio system. It was quickly declared “Editors’ Choice,” “Top Pick,” and “Best.”

Now we’re taking the next step: delivering a version with Bluetooth input and output, more power, and larger bass drivers to match. This is the SpinBase MAX turntable speaker system. It’s perfect for a music lover’s first system, an audiophile’s second system, for college students looking to outfit a dorm room, or anyone who wants amazing sound in an elegant configuration.

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Conquering compromise

Audiophiles know that most all-in-one products are fraught with compromises. And placing a turntable on top of a conventional loudspeaker is a definite no-no. That’s why Andover Audio applies a trio of advanced technologies to overcome these issues. Our IsoGroove® Technology, Class D amplifier and 270° loudspeaker array combine to deliver soul-satisfying, room-filling music reproduction.

Feedback, defeated

Loudspeakers work by producing vibration. The business end of a turntable works by detecting vibration. So under normal circumstances, placing your turntable directly on top of a loudspeaker is a recipe for a miserable distortion called “acoustic feedback.” Andover’s patent-pending IsoGroove Technology protects your turntable from vibration – and protects your music from feedback. Independent audio critics who rarely agree on anything have declared the technology “lived up to its billing” and “works as advertised” and called it “so amazing” and “genius.”

Connect to Bluetooth speakers and headphones

While the built-in speakers are terrific, the SpinBase MAX system also empowers you to enjoy vinyl on external Bluetooth wireless speakers or headphones. It’s perfect for late-night listening. Of course, the system also works in the other direction, receiving and playing Bluetooth music from your tablet or smartphone.

Class D power amplifier

Most power amplifiers generate heat along with the wattage. So it’s difficult to fit a powerful amp and a capable stereo loudspeaker into a single, compact enclosure. The solution? Our Class D amplifier is cool and compact, yet delivers prodigious sound.

SpinDeck Turntable

So how do we make a single box work without the feedback?

Isogroove Technology is our revolutionary patent-pending technology.It addresses a common challenge faced by turntable users: feedback and vibrations that can occur when a turntable's speakers are placed too close to the turntable itself; interfering with the delicate playback of the vinyl.

Traditional speaker designs often require separate placement, which can be cumbersome and result in a less-than-ideal setup.Andover Audio's Isogroove Technology solves this problem by incorporating the speakers directly beneath the turntable, in a compact and streamlined design. This unique configuration ensures that vibrations and feedback are minimized, allowing for pristine sound reproduction without any disruptive distortions.

By utilizing Isogroove Technology, Andover Audio has created a seamless integration between the turntable and speakers.This eliminates the need for separate speaker placement, simplifies the setup process, and optimizes the listening environment.

270° loudspeaker array

Getting legitimate stereo from a single, compact cabinet is a challenge. The SpinBase system rises to the challenge with a pair of dome tweeters and a pair of cone woofers, carefully arranged in a 270° array. You’ll appreciate the results every time you listen.

Sleek and refined

The system gives you everything you need to enjoy vinyl and Bluetooth music in a timeless, low-profile design. Highlights include a large, understated volume control; a gloss acrylic top surface with elegant touch controls, and a stylish heathered fabric grille that matches the SpinSub™ subwoofer.

The right base for your turntable

The SpinBase MAX system is designed to sit directly under most turntables, including popular models like the Numark TT-100, Technics SL-230, Audio Technica LP-120, or our SpinDeck series of turntables. As long as your turntable feet fall within the SpinBase system’s dimensions, you’re good to go.

All the right connections

The system accommodates the widest range of turntables, including those with or without built-in preamps. Simply use the supplied RCA cable with ground connector. In addition, the SpinBase system provides quick and easy connections for Bluetooth devices, a CD player and a subwoofer.

Make it a system

By themselves, your turntable and the SpinBase MAX system deliver an immensely satisfying musical experience. But when you’re ready to take the next step, so are we. To store LPs and place your system at the optimum listening height, you can add our matching SpinStand™ rack. And for splendid reproduction of the lowest musical octaves, our SpinSub subwoofer is ideal.

  • Bass + Treble EQ Controls
  • High-Pass (100Hz) Filter Switch
  • Class D Amplification
  • 30W RMS per channel
  • Dimensions: (18in W, 13.5in L, 4.25in H)
  • Two-Year Warranty (see Warranty Extensions for longer Coverage)

SpinBase vs SpinBase MAX

 Total RMS Continuous Power  36W  60W
 Woofer Size   1.5"x3" (Oval)  3.5" (Round)
 Soft Dome Tweeter Size  20mm  20mm
 Bluetooth Receive  Yes  Yes
 Bluetooth Transmit  No  Yes
 Grille  Perforated Metal  Heathered Fabric
 Ceramic Cartridge EQ  Yes  No
 Selectable 100Hz High-Pass Filter  No  Yes
 Frequency Range  60Hz - 20kHz  48Hz - 20kHz
  • SpinBase Max Turntable Speaker System
  • Power Adapter (US Plug, 110v-220v)
  • RCA Cable with Ground
  • Quick Start Guide

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