"John Mayall with Eric Clapton" is a classic blues album released in 1966. The album features John Mayall, a British blues musician and bandleader, and Eric Clapton, who was then a rising star in the blues world.

The album showcases Mayall's powerful vocals and harmonica playing, backed by Clapton's exceptional guitar work. The musicianship throughout the album is outstanding, with each track featuring extended solos and improvisations that showcase the talent and virtuosity of both Mayall and Clapton.

One of the standout tracks on the album is "Hideaway," which features Clapton's virtuosic guitar playing and became a signature song for him. Other highlights include the slow and moody "What'd I Say" and the uptempo "Key to Love," which features Mayall's soulful vocals and a driving rhythm section.

Overall, "John Mayall with Eric Clapton" is a classic blues album that captures the energy and excitement of the British blues scene in the 1960s. The album features some of the best blues musicians of the era, delivering powerful and emotive performances that showcase their immense talent and passion for the genre.