"Charley Crockett - Lil G.L.'s Blue Bonanza" is a modern blues album that draws inspiration from the sounds of the past. The album features Charley Crockett, a Texas-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, delivering a collection of original songs and covers that showcase his love for traditional blues and country music.

The album features Crockett's soulful vocals and skillful guitar playing, backed by a talented group of musicians who deliver a tight and cohesive performance throughout. The songs on the album range from upbeat and lively, such as "The Sky'd Become Teardrops," to slow and mournful, such as "The Valley."

One of the standout tracks on the album is Crockett's cover of the classic blues song "Jamestown Ferry," which features his emotive vocals and a lively arrangement that captures the spirit of the original. The track "Maybelle" is another highlight, featuring Crockett's skillful fingerpicking and a haunting melody that sticks in the listener's mind.

Overall, "Charley Crockett - Lil G.L.'s Blue Bonanza" is a strong and enjoyable album that pays homage to the traditional sounds of blues and country music while also incorporating Crockett's unique voice and perspective. The album showcases Crockett's talent as a musician and songwriter, and is a must-listen for fans of modern blues music.