Andover Audio Unveils Consumer Brand

September 03, 2019 1 min read

Since its formation in 2012, Andover Audio has provided its design and manufacturing services to the most recognized brands in automotive, telecommunications, and high-performance consumer audio. Andover is now focusing its award-winning approach on its own line of products that artfully blend premium audio technologies with distinctive design.

Its flagship product, the Model One Record Player, is an advanced record player and entertainment system, styled with a mid-century aesthetic. It combines an industry-respected turntable with a high-grade audio system and a bevy of digital listening features, giving users a high-quality plug-and-play solution to enjoy their music without the need of extra audio components.

Model One Record Player uses vibration-canceling technology Isogroove™ to eliminate feedback that occurs in traditional turntable setups.This gives listeners plentiful output and sound quality that mimics a pair of widely-space speakers. The Model One Subwoofer and Stand add LP storage and deep bass. 

Andover Audio will debut its new products at one of the nation’s largest audio show, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, on Sep 6, 2019Products are available for purchase on Andover’s website.