Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 - Show Recap

September 16, 2019 1 min read

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 - Show Recap

Thanks to all who stopped by our RMAF 2019 booth to audition the Model One Record Player. It was our first public demonstration of the product, led by product designer and Chief Engineer, Bob Hazelwood.

Impressions were overwhelmingly positive.Show attendees loved our new take on the classic record player system, with a compact form and a large sound stage despite its size. Many recognized its perfection as a solution for metro dwellers, dorm residents, or for listeners looking for simplicity without compromising musical integrity. 


Produces a very wide soundstage that is literally, mindblowingly good.
- Michael Fremer / Analog Planet

Really sounded like there were two speakers in front of the room!
- Paul Cash / HiFi Trends

With vinyl increasing in popularity again, there's an opportunity for new concepts in hi-fi. Andover Audio pleasantly surprised with the Model One Record Player integrated entertainment system.
- Joao Martins / Audio Xpress 

See you next time at Capital Audio Fest in DC, Nov 1-3!