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SpinBase Turntable Speaker System

All-in-One Powered Speaker System for Turntables

🏆 Tech Hive - Editor's Choice (2020)
🏆 Sound&Vision - Top Pick (2020)
🏆 Hi-Fi Trends - Products of the Year (2020) 
🏆 Rolling Stone - Best TT Speaker (2021)
🏆 Futurism - Best Powered Speakers for Turntables ("Best Design")(2022)


  • Connects to any Turntable
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Built-In Phono Preamp
  • Room Filling, 270º Sound 
  • IsoGroove™ Noise-Free Technology
  • Bass and Treble EQ Controls
  • RCA Cable (with Ground Connector)





  • Bass + Treble EQ Controls
  • Ceramic Cartridge Switch
  • Class D Amplification
  • 18W RMS per channel
  • Dimensions: (18in W, 13.5in L, 3.25in H)
  • Two-Year Warranty (see Warranty Extensions for longer Coverage) 

SpinBase vs SpinBase MAX

 Total RMS Continuous Power  36W  60W
 Woofer Size   1.5"x3" (Oval)  3.5" (Round)
 Soft Dome Tweeter  20mm  20mm
 Bluetooth Receive  Yes  Yes
 Bluetooth Transmit  No  Yes
 Grille  Perforated Metal  Heathered Fabric
 Ceramic Cartridge EQ  Yes  No
 Selectable 100Hz High-Pass Filter  No  Yes
 Frequency Range  60Hz - 20kHz  48Hz - 20kHz
  • SpinBase Turntable Speaker System
  • Power Adapter (US Plug, 110v-220v)
  • RCA Cable with Ground
  • Quick Start Guide

My turntable does not have a built-in pre-amp. Will it work with SpinBase?

Yes. SpinBase has a built-in preamp, to work with turntables without one built in (such as Andover's SpinDeck turntable). Spinbase also works with turntables that have a pre-amp, by connecting them to its Line-Input.

How do you turn on Spinbase?

The front knob turns on the unit and adjusts volume. Rotate the knob clockwise so you hear a "click" to turn the unit on. Adjusting the knob will change the volume level. To shut Spinbase off, rotate the knob counter-clockwise until you hear a "click". The unit is now off.

How can I connect Bluetooth headphones?

The SpinBase receives Bluetooth. It does not transmit. You'll need to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter and plug it into the headphone output of the SpinBase. Google "airpods bluetooth transmitter" and you'lll see a bunch of options.

Can I connect a CD player?

Yes, you would connect it to the Line input on your SpinBase.

"...spin your records and get satisfyingly smooth, feedback-free sound and musical pleasure well beyond the Spinbase’s $300 price point. I loved it!"
Michael Fremer (Editor,

“...very compact and great-sounding package well worth your attention.”
Ian White (Jazziz Magazine)

"If you have limited space — or budget — and still want to enjoy the most out of your turntable’s capabilities, Andover Audio’s Spinbase is a no-brainer."
Brad Moon (Forbes)

"With record after record, I found the Spinbase to be a great way to enjoy music…Spinbase is perfect for a small dorm room or office...” (S&V Top Pick)
Michael Trei (Sound & Vision)

"Great product that can be used in your main living space..."
Andrew Robinson (Youtuber and Recovering Audiophile)

"This is a very good product. I highly recommend it."
Paul Cash (Hi-Fi Insider)


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