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Model-One Turntable Music System

Finely-Crafted, All-in-One Turntable Music System for Music Lovers.

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Elegant Mid-Century Design
  • Bluetooth (with APT-X Codec)
  • Turntable (33 / 45 / 78 RPM)
  • Pre-Installed Ortofon 2M "Silver" Cartridge
  • IsoGroove Vibration Cancelation Technology
  • Six-Driver, Class-D Bi-Amplified Internal Audio System
  • Genuine Walnut Hardwood Frames
  • Expandable with Record Storage Stand and Dual 10" Subwoofer

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"I Love Mine! It sounds stunning."

- Jack Douglas, Music Producer (John Lennon, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick)

Mid-Century Meets Modern Audio


  • Genuine Hardwood Frames
  • Graphic Interface with Intuitive Single-Knob Control
  • RF Remote Control
  • Hi-Fi Component Feet
  • Dustcover Included
  • Dimensions: 18” Wide x 8.83” High (with Dust Cover) x 13.5” Deep


  • Bluetooth (APT-X)
  • 150W Bi-Amplified Class-D Design
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz-20,000kHz
  • Four 3.5" Aluminum Diaphragm Woofers
  • Two Air Motion Transformer Tweeters


  • Custom Turntable (Sourced from Pro-Ject and based on their Debut Carbon Esprit SB)
  • Pre-Installed Ortofon 2M SILVER Cartridge
  • Carbon Fiber Tonearm
  • Acrylic Platter


  • Optical Input
  • Analog Input
  • Analog Output
  • USB Input/ Output
  • Subwoofer Output
  • MDF / Genuine Wood Veneer Construction
  • Simple Installation / Hardware
  • Upper Stand includes Built-In Drawer
  • Upper Stand Dimensions: 18” Wide x 17.25” High x 13.5” Deep
  • Lower Stand Dimensions: 18” Wide x 16” High x 13.5” Deep


  • Genuine Hardwood Frames
  • 150 W Class D Design
  • Dual 10” Drivers
  • Glass-Top Insert (Removable for Upper-Stand Configuration)


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  • Turntable Music System
  • Dustcover
  • Manual
  • RF Remote Control
  • Acrylic Platter with Felt Mat
  • Accessory box containing DC Power Supply
  • Tonearm Counterweight
  • Adaptor to play 45RPM singles
  • Flat belt for 33/45 RPM
  • Round Belt for 78RPM
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Cartridge alignment protractor
  • Anti-Skate Weight
  • 7” Single Adapter Belt


  • System
  • Manual
  • Power Adapter


  • Unit
  • Manual
    Is Model-One easy to set up?

    Yes. We designed Model-One to be a plug-and-play system. To get going, you only need to set up the counterweight and anti-skate weight. 

    Is any setup required for the turntable?

    Yes, but we've got you covered with this tutorial video:

    “Model One is an all-in-one that looks great and sounds fantastic.”

    Brad Moon (Forbes)

    [W]hat the Model-One achieves sonically is remarkable—and surprising considering the confines of the enclosure.”
    Julie Mullins (Stereophile)

    “Surprisingly warm, natural, and rich sound for its size… perfect system for vinyl freaks who also love the convenience of [Bluetooth] streaming”
    Rolling Stone

    "Produces a very wide soundstage that is literally, mind-blowingly good."
    Michael Fremer (Editor,

    "[S]ounded surprisingly full and rich, not at all what I was expecting from an all-in-one."

    Grover Neville (Contributor, Inner Fidelity)

    "[I]t sounds really good and it can be expanded with Andover's custom-built furniture..."
    Andrew Robinson (YouTuber & Recovering Audiophile)


    "Really sounded like there were two speakers in front of the room!"

    Paul Cash (Editor, Hi-Fi Trends)

    "Andover Audio pleasantly surprised with the Model One Record Player integrated entertainment system."

    Joao Martins (Editor, Audio Xpress)

    "I've never listened to records more, or more regularly, than I did when the Model-One was in my home."
    Andrew Robinson (Home Theater Review)

    "...stylish music system that they can use in their living rooms for casual listening and entertaining."
    Gordon Brockhouse (SoundStage! Simplifi)

    "If vinyl has been in the back of your mind–or you rediscovered some grail records in the back of the attic–Andover Audio's $1,999 Model-One Turntable Music system is a one-box solution."
    Robb Report

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