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Model-One Turntable Music System

Rated "Best in Class" by Rolling Stone ("The Best All-in-One Music Systems").
  • Audiophile-Grade All-In-One Turntable Music System
  • Ortofon OM2 Silver Cartridge (Pre-Installed)
  • Phono (33 / 45 / 78 RPM)
  • Bluetooth (APT-X Codec)
  • Integrated Six-Driver Amplified Audio System
  • Isogroove Vibration Cancelation Technology
  • Analog and Digital Connectivity, Including Streaming Device Support
  • Expandable with Matching Stand and Subwoofer

What is Model-One?

Model-One is a high-grade, plug-and-play turntable music system with built-in powered speakers and expansive sound.

Featuring impressive performance despite its turntable-sized footprint, Model-One makes it simple to enjoy records and digital sources in a compact package. Users can add a dual 10" driver subwoofer and LP storage to the player, making it a complete stand-alone entertainment system.

Model-One features a timeless, Mid-Century aesthetic, inspired by the furniture and audio equipment of the era.

Clean lines are constructed with natural walnut hardwood and brushed aluminum metal plates. It stays true to a form-follows-function formula, with a compact form factor and look that fits comfortably in any environment.

What is the Media Saying about Model-One?

“Surprisingly warm, natural, and rich sound for its size… perfect system for vinyl freaks who also love the convenience of [Bluetooth] streaming”

Rolling Stone ("Big Sound, Small Box" - Best in Class)

"Produces a very wide soundstage that is literally, mind-blowingly good."
Michael Fremer (Editor,

"...sounded surprisingly full and rich, not at all what I was expecting from an all-in-one."

Grover Neville (Contributor, Inner Fidelity)

" sounds really good and it can be expanded with Andover's custom-built furniture..."
Andrew Robinson (YouTuber & Recovering Audiophile)
"Really sounded like there were two speakers in front of the room!"

Paul Cash (Editor, Hi-Fi Trends)

"With vinyl increasing in popularity again, there's an opportunity for new concepts in hi-fi. Andover Audio pleasantly surprised with the Model One Record Player integrated entertainment system."

Joao Martins (Editor, Audio Xpress)

"I've never listened to records more, or more regularly, than I did when the Model-One was in my home."
Andrew Robinson (Home Theater Review)

"...stylish music system that they can use in their living rooms for casual listening and entertaining."
Gordon Brockhouse (SoundStage! Simplifi)

What Technology is built into Model-One?

Isogroove™ is an exclusive Andover Audio technology that eliminates the occurrence of feedback between turntable and speaker.

This allows the turntable to be mounted in the same, low-profile enclosure as the speakers, without fidelity-disruptive hum. The result is great sound in a compact package.

A custom turntable based on the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Espirit SB turntable is used as a high-grade phono source. It features an Ortofon OM2 Silver cartridge, carbon fiber tonearm and acrylic platter. The turntable provides pristine, low-noise playback, without the record wear common in lower-grade alternatives. It plays 33, 45, and 78 RPM records (with optional stylus), giving entry-level users the ease-of-use they desire, with flexibility that meets the needs of advanced listeners.

The integrated loudspeaker system is composed of four 3.5” aluminum diaphragm woofers and two Air Motion Transformer tweeters, bi-amplified by a powerful Class-D 150W amplifier. Listeners will be delighted with the clarity, balance and frequency-range they find in larger speaker setups, without fatigue that results from improperly tuned systems.

Many analog and digital ins/outs are included in the system, as well as a host of customizable options accessible by a front-mounted graphic interface, with intuitive single-knob operation. Selectable sources include phono, Bluetooth 4.2 (with APT-X), and a dedicated input for a Wi-Fi streaming device. Stereo and Mono listening modes are readily accessible, as well as a Panoramic mode that enhances the stereo image, making the unit sound like a pair of widely-spaced speakers. The settings menu provides custom adjustment of EQ, satisfying listeners seeking a sound balance that better matches their content or room.

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Model-One Specifications

Audio System

• Bluetooth (APT-X)

• Four 3.5" Aluminum Diaphragm Woofers

• Two Air Motion Transformer Tweeters

• Bi-Amplification with Class-D 150W Amplifier

• Full-Range Pre-Amp

• Subwoofer Output

Pro-Ject Turntable

• Custom Turntable (variant of Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB)

• Ortofon OM2 Silver Cartridge (Pre-Installed)

• Carbon Fiber Tonearm

• Acrylic Platter


• MDF / Genuine Wood Veneer

• Upper and Lower Stand Components Offer Multiple Configuration Options

• Both Stand Components Offer up to 100LP Storage Each

• Upper Stand Features Push-to-Open Drawer


• 150W Class D

• Dual 10" Drivers

• Glass Top Insert (on solo/non-stand model)

• Natural Wood Frames

Back Panel

• Optical In

• Analog In

• Analog Out

• USB In / Out

• Subwoofer Out

In The Box

• Model One Turntable Music System

• Dustcover

• Quick-Setup Guide

• RF Remote Control

• Platter with Felt Mat

• Accessory box containing DC Power Supply

• Tonearm Counterweight

• Adaptor to play 45RPM singles

• Flat belt for 33/45 RPM

• Round Belt for 78RPM

• Philips Screwdriver

• Cartridge alignment protractor

• Manual

• Tonearm Counterweight

• Anti-Skate Weight

• 7” Single Adapter Belt

Model-One Configurations