Muscular musicality
Feel an R&B bass line. Savor the lowest notes of pipe organs and orchestral double basses. Enjoy all your music with a new level of pleasure. Our award-winning SpinSub™ subwoofer applies advanced technology to deliver the joys of the deepest octaves of bass. Refinements like a Class D amplifier, a matched pair of 6-1/2-inch drive units, and patent-pending IsoGroove® technology work together to bring new excitement to your SpinBase™ or SpinBase MAX system.




"The Spin System is the perfect balance of aesthetic design, significant sound quality and attainable price point."

– Entertainment Today

2021 Gift Guide: 10 Great Gifts for Music Lovers

– Forbes

"SpinSub is a brilliant addition to their equally brilliant Spin System"

- Paul Cash (HiFi Trends)

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