Fully-Automatic, Luxurious Turntable for Music Lovers Looking to Elevate LP Playback

Perfect for enthusiasts seeking top-tier vinyl playback, the SpinDeck MAX fully-automatic turntable combines automatic operation with superior sound quality, ensuring each vinyl record plays flawlessly.

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SpinDeck MAX Fully-Automatic Turntable


German engineering in the service of great sound

A turntable exists only to spin the record and hold the cartridge. But while these functions are oh-so simple to state, performing them well requires enormous precision and meticulous engineering! Andover relieves the music-lover of this burden. Instead, we turned to a German factory with over 60 years of expertise in high-end turntables and produced our fully-automatic SpinDeck MAX turntable; a component enthusiastically celebrated by Rolling Stone and Tech Hive. Here is automatic operation combined with vinyl playback of a very high order. We take pride in our fully-automatic vinyl record player and we're confident you'll love it too. 

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Nominal Speeds: 33.33 / 45 RPM
Wow and Flutter: <0.04% RMS


Signal to Noise: -65db Weighted
Signal Cable Capacitance: 160pF


Effective Tonearm Length: 211mm
Overhang: 19.5mm


Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 x 119 x 360 mm (16.5 x 4.7 x 14.1 in)


    Power: 12V DC / 1.5W
    Power Adapter: Suitable for USA/Canada

    Ortofon OM10 - Phono Cartridge

    Frequency Range: 20-20,000Hz
    Channel Separation: 22dB/1kHz
    Output Voltage: 4.0mV
    Recomended. Load Impedance: 
    47kohms / 200-600pF - MM - Input
    Compliance/Stylus Type: 20μm/mN / Elliptical
    Recomended Tracking Force: 1.25 - 1.75 Grams
    Weight: 5g
    Replacement Stylus: OM10

    "Just how good is the new Andover Audio SpinDeck Max Turntable? Consider it a mandatory upgrade for your SpinBase or desktop audio system. It's made in Germany, very easy to use, and we love the supplied Ortofon cartridge that works so well with almost every entry-level MM phono stage available." 
    Ian White, Editor-in-Chief, Ecoustics.com

    "a great-sounding, reasonably priced option for serious listeners looking for a turntable in this price range".
    Tech Hive

    "If you’re looking for a higher-end, more automated record experience, Andover Audio recently introduced the SpinDeck MAX."

    "This is a no brainer."

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    Resonance rescinded

    Because a phono cartridge is designed to respond to vibrations, any turntable with high-end aspirations must protect the music from any kind of vibration or resonance, whether internal or external. The SpinDeck MAX turntable reflects a comprehensive program of resonance control. Shelf-borne vibration is suppressed by carefully engineered isolator feet. The motor is rubber mounted to minimize vibration, while the platter is further protected by the drive belt itself. The supplied dust cover helps block airborne vibration. Finally, the tonearm and platter are suspended on their own sub-chassis, for an even higher degree of isolation. The result is exceptional sonic clarity, with ease and transparency even in quiet musical passages.

    Editor’s Choice Award (2021)

    “This is the perfect introduction to high-quality audio for first-time buyers, and a great-sounding, reasonably priced option for serious listeners looking for a turntable in this price range.”
    - James Barber, Tech Hive

    Up to speed

    Because the speed of platter rotation translates directly to musical pitch, wavering speed degrades the music. That’s why the DC motor is meticulously stabilized. And the massive, 12-inch platter acts as a flywheel, for an added degree of tonal clarity.

    Automatic operation

    Along with its high-end credentials, the SpinDeck MAX turntable offers a full measure of convenience. Turn it on and the tonearm automatically rises, moves to the start of your record, descends, and plays. At the end of a side, the tonearm automatically lifts and returns to its rest and the platter stops. For the highest fidelity, the auto mechanism is completely disengaged from the tonearm during playback.

    High-precision tonearm

    To effortlessly track the record, the aluminum tonearm features exceptionally precise metal bearings, low mass and an integrated headshell.

    Pre-mounted Ortofon OM 10 cartridge

    We turned to Denmark and the experts at Ortofon to supply the phono cartridge. The Ortofon® OM 10 is beautifully engineered for the challenge of tracing the record groove, achieving superb musicality at low tracking force. It’s an advantage you’ll appreciate every time you listen.

    The centerpiece of your system

    Available in black or white finish, the SpinDeck MAX turntable is a cosmetic match for our SpinBase™ and SpinBase MAX systems. But it’s also great for connecting to a traditional component high fidelity system. However you prefer to listen, the SpinDeck MAX turntable is an exceptional choice.

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