Effortless, Elevated Vinyl Record Playback with the Andover-One E Record Player Trio Bundle

This system is the perfect blend of value, performance, and utility, providing a streamlined setup that'll give you years of musical pleasure!

Price Drop

Andover-One E Trio

SpinStand Record Stand (Color)

For a limited time, Andover is offering an unbeatable deal on an incredible set of music products.

The One E Trio Bundle boasts our acclaimed Andover-One E record player with speakers, Songbird internet music streamer, SpinStand, and Record Weight.

This system is the perfect blend of value, performance, and utility, providing a streamlined setup that'll give you years of musical pleasure!


Conquering Compromise

The “E” is for “essential”

Our multi-award-winning Andover-One™ record player is an audio classic – admired by critics and loved by vinyl fans. For an encore, we challenged ourselves to make the essence of the Andover-One system accessible to a broader range of music lovers. The result? The Andover-One E record player.

Here’s effortless, transparent music reproduction, with the same classic styling and operating simplicity as the original – made more affordable. It’s ideal for bedrooms, dorms, and offices; and as a music lover’s first system or an audiophile’s second system.


Turntable hand-made in Europe

Your precious vinyl records have the potential for great sound. The Andover-One's integrated turntable brings that sound to life. Your records are traced beautifully by a high-compliance Ortofon OM10 cartridge, working at the end of a rigid yet light weight tonearm. It’s everything you expect of a turntable made in Europe by Pro-Ject. And more.

IsoGroove Technology

Feedback, defeated

Loudspeakers work by producing vibration. The business end of a turntable works by detecting vibration. So under normal circumstances, placing your turntable together with a loudspeaker is a recipe for a miserable distortion called “acoustic feedback.” Andover’s patent-pending IsoGroove technology protects your turntable from vibration – and protects your music from feedback.

Independent audio critics who rarely agree on anything have declared the technology “lived up to its billing” and “works as advertised” and called it “so amazing” and “genius.”

Class D Bi-Amplification

Most power amplifiers generate substantial heat along with the wattage. So it’s difficult to fit a high-end turntable, a powerful amp and a capable stereo loudspeaker into a single, compact enclosure. But that’s what we accomplished.

Our Class D amplifier is remarkably cool and compact while delivering a respectable 160 watts total RMS. We even provide separate amplifiers for bass (50 watts x2) and treble (30 watts x2). As featured in ultra-high-end audio systems, this “bi-amplification” helps reduce distortion – even when the music is at its loudest.


270° loudspeaker array

Getting legitimate stereo from a single, compact cabinet is a challenge. The Andover-One system rises to the challenge with pair of Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeters and four inverted dome woofers, carefully arranged in a 270° array. The AMT design reproduces your music’s high-frequency detail with effortless transparency. You’ll appreciate the results every time you listen.

Intuitive interface

Inspired by the mid-century design aesthetic, Andover-One is a study in minimalism. Rather than a jumble of knobs and switches, a single graceful dial handles all your selections, including bass, treble, turntable speed adjustment (+/- 3%) and display brightness. The front panel display shows an easy-to-read menu, making it a breeze to navigate sources and settings. Equally elegant is the radio frequency (RF) remote control. Unlike infrared remotes, it doesn’t require aiming.


The right connections, including Bluetooth audio

Ready for anything, the Andover-One system connects to music from a wide range of Bluetooth devices across a choice of advanced formats: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptXHD, and aptX low-latency.

Feel free to plug in an external CD player, USB source, a subwoofer and an external audio system.

We offer optical and coaxial digital inputs as well as analog line input. And you can rip vinyl records to your computer, using the USB interface as an output. As an added touch, when you connect an Andover Audio Songbird streamer to the Stream/Aux 2 input, the system will automatically switch on when you’re streaming and switch off when you’re done.

Now with SongBird included

Plug-and-play music streaming.

From streaming services to radio stations to podcasts, there’s an incredible variety of entertainment on the Internet. Take advantage with the Songbird™ streamer, placed among the “Best Music Streamers of 2021” by The Master Switch and named “Budget Component of the Year (2020)” by TONEAudio. The sound is excellent, and the control is effortless, directly from your Android® or iOS® smartphone.

You’ll be amazed at the variety of supported music streams, starting with Spotify, Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon Prime, and Napster. That’s not to mention thousands of Internet radio stations via iHeartRadio, vTuner, and TuneIn. (Streaming service fees may apply.) But wait, there’s more. You can also enjoy music stored on your personal devices via Windows® DLNA, Apple® AirPlay® 1 or Bluetooth 4.2. And the Songbird streamer connects to your network via Ethernet or 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

The resolution of 24 bits and 192 kHz

You can stream High Resolution audio from Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon, and Tidal. (Streaming service fees may apply.) This goes way beyond CD-quality sound. The Compact Disc represented the range from dead silence to the loudest possible sounds with 16-bit quantizing. CD was also limited to a sampling rate of 44 kHz. But technology has moved far forward. Spectacular 24-bit/192-kHz digital audio delivers an altogether higher level of fidelity from the Songbird streamer’s analog output. (Digital output is 16 bits/44.1kHz)

This performance is now yours to savor with the Songbird streamer.

iOS® and Android® app

We put the music at your fingertips with the intuitive Songbird Control app, available free at the Apple Store and Google Play.

Holding resonance down

This walnut and aluminum weight reduces both record warp and acoustic resonances. Controlling resonance means better microdynamics, tighter bass and more inner detail from your vinyl. The knurled sides improve grip, while the rubber bottom protects your records.


  • Less Distortion
  • Improved Dynamics
  • Tighter Bass 
  • Precise High Frequency Retrieval
  • Better Transient and Attaque
  • Stable Sound Image
  • Deeper Sound Stage
  • Natural Harmonics
  • For all EP and LP Records

Elevate your Andover-One system

Place the Andover-One E at the optimum listening height and add more storage on SpinStand. The stand accommodates up to 200 LPs, and some select smaller accessories such as cleaning kits or Songbird Music Streamer. With adjustable feet and plenty of album storage, SpinStand is a great solution for making your system complete.