How should I connect my turntable?
Does it have a preamp? If not, you'll need to connect it to the magnetic phono inputs to get enough volume. Our SpinDeck and SpinDeck MAX does not have a PreAmp. If your Turntable has a Preamp, connect it to the Line inputs on the SpinBase.

I am getting some noise from my turntable.
Make sure to connect the ground to the SpinBase if available. Some turntables have the ground built into the cable. This will reduce hum. It is natural to get some buzzing if you place your fingers on or near the needle of a turntable. It is possible to hear some hiss from the turntable if you turn the volume all the way up. The PreAmp is boosting the signal about 10X.

Your SpinBase might have a switch for Ceramic or Magnetic. Some turntables have a Ceramic stylus/needle, so if you move the switch to match, you'll get a better quality sound for your specific turntable.

Still getting unwanted noise?
Connect to the SpinBase as a Bluetooth speaker from your phone. Is the problem still there? Also check for devices that might be within a few feet such as a Modem or Router. This might be causing interference. If everything else fails, try connecting a pair of headphones in the back. Is that working as expected? Still having trouble? Please contact us and we can help you out.

Do I need shortening plugs?
In the first model of the SpinBase, shortening (terminating) plugs were provided to help reduce hum when using a turntable. They plugged into the open Line inputs. Any newer SpinBase model (post Jan 2021 with a Subwoofer Output) does not need these. Please Note: You should not get any hum or additional noise simply using the Bluetooth or Line inputs of the SpinBase, with any model.

Can I select which input I want to hear
There is no input selector on the SpinBase. So you could potentially pass audio to all three inputs and you would hear them simultaneously. And if you hear an echo, it is probably because you are hearing a delayed Bluetooth input and a Line input at the same time. So you'll what to be aware of what inputs you are passing to the SpinBase when enjoying your music.

Should I have the Ceremac Switch On or Off?
The ceramic switch on the back of the SpinBase applies equalization. If you have a ceramic stylus (common on inexpensive turntables), the equalization will offer a better sound for you. If you have a magnetic stylus, which offers better sound quality, you should leave this switch in the off position.

What kind of cable do I need for the Subwoofer connection?
The 1/8" Line Out/Sub-Out on the SpinBase is the same as a headphone output. It is a stereo connection that you can connect to the Subwoofer.

How can I connect Bluetooth headphones?
You'll need to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter and plug it into the headphone output of the SpinBase. Google "airpods bluetooth transmitter" and you'lll see a bunch of options.

Trouble connecting to your Songbird?

This video can help you get familiar with the steps.

The Songbird works with 2.4g. Make sure your device is connected to a 2.4g wireless network.

Try a factory reset. Hold the button on the front of the Songbird for 10 seconds. It will announce that it is restoring factory settings. Start the setup process again.

Make sure Location Services are on. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Turn on Location Services. Scroll to the bottom of the list, then tap System Services.Turn on Networking & Wireless (or Wi-Fi Networking). When prompted in the Songbird App, select "Allow while using App".

Check the Wifi Strength.In the Songbird App, tap the device name in the upper right to view the device. Tap the settings icon to view Device Details. Tap Speaker Info to see Wifi Strength.

Can I connect to the Songbird from my Windows device?
You can play individual files by right-clicking on the file then selecting Cast to Device. Spotify Connect will work within the Spotify app from Windows with no problems by selecting songbird from the other devices menu. Other apps do not appear to work at this time from the Win10 machine. If supported, you could stream to the Songbird as a Bluetooth devices from your windows machine or using the analog cable.

Here is a video that might help setting up DLNA on your Windows 10 Device.

Can I stream to the Songbird from my Mac?
You can connect from an Apple device using Airplay. We support Airplay 1 (16/44.1). You could also connect to it as a Bluetooth device or using the analog cable.

Do you support Amazon Hi Res?
We support Amazon HD (16/44.1). At this time we do not support Amazon UHD (24/96). You will not see badges in the Songbird App indicating the audio quality like you do in the Amazon App.

What does the led on the front of the songbird mean?
The led will blink during setup. The led on the front of the Songbird is also an input selection. The device will announce the change when you press it.

Green = Aux 2
Blue = Bluetooth
White = Wireless

What sample rate is the digital output?
Regardless of input, the digital out on the Songbird is resampled to 16/44.1. The internal DAC is 24/192, so the way to enjoy Hi-Res output is to use the analog out and the built-in DAC.

Can I use the Songbird as a Standalone converter?
Yes, you can pass analog into the Songbird and get Digital Output. You can also feed up to 24/48k SPDIF into the optical input and get analog output.

I'm concerned about the sound quality

Make sure you have connected it to the appropriate inputs of your speaker system. The SpinDeck does not have a PreAmp and should be plugged into phono inputs.

You may need to adjust the counterwieght on the arm. If there is not enough pressure, you will not get a good signal from the needle. Product Manual.

What cartridge does the SpinDeck use?The SpinDeck uses an Ortofon Stylus 5E.These easily slide on and off if you choose to upgrade.

The Platter is not turning properly.
Please make sure you have removed the cardboard from underneath the platter.

How long should the belt last?
The belt should last the lifetime of the unit. If you need a replacement, please email us with your name and shipping address.

The platter spins but there is no sound?
Make sure you have selected phono as your input. Make sure you have removed the cover from the stylus. Use two fingers to pinch and make sure the stylus cartridge is firmly in place on the arm. It is possible to become slightly loose.

Can I connect the Model-One to another Amplifier?
The Model-One has PRE-OUT (Preamp output): Which outputs an unamplified signal to an external amplifier, or a set of powered speakers. There is also a SUB-Out (Preamp output): A monaural Preamp output for use with a subwoofer. The manual is available on our web site as well.

When does the platter stop spinning?
The platter will stop spinning on the Model-One if the source is switched to another source such as Bluetooth or Aux, or when the power is turned off.

What resolution are the digital inputs?
The Optical input will accept up to 24/96 and the Coaxial will accept up to 24/192. So either of those are the primary digital inputs for high resolution. The USB is limited to 16/48 and is there primarily for ripping to a computer. A simple converter like the Douk Audio U2 can be used between a computer's USB to the Model One Coaxial.