Spin Notes #3: Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive!

August 25, 2021 1 min read

Spin Notes #3: Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive!

Hit songs, a live performance, a double album, and an iconic guitar effect. Spin Notes #3 is from one of our teammates. Actually the first album he purchased. "I still have this album and play it occasionally with all its pops and clicks on my SpinBase  and old Dual turntable."

Released on January 6, 1976, Frampton Comes Alive! by Peter Frampton, debuted on the charts at 191. The album reached number one on the billboard charts the week ending April 10, 1976, eventually spending a total of 10 non-consecutive weeks in the top spot through October. It was the best-selling album of 1976, selling over 8 million copies in the US and becoming one of the best-selling live albums to date, with estimated sales of 11 million worldwide

Depending on your age, maybe you've seen this in almost everyone's album collection. A double album with noticeable wear and tear assumed by sharing and pouring over the details of a double album. Double Album equals more stuff, right? The double album was released in the US with a special reduced list price of $7.98, only $1.00 more than the standard $6.98 of most single-disc albums in 1976.

"Do You Feel Like We do" and "Show Me the Way" featured the Talk Box effect which was pretty futuristic sounding and probably got the most recognition in these two songs.  Check out these other well known hits featuring the Talk Box. This album was a huge success for Peter Frampton. Peter has a new album out, "Frampton Forgets the words".  Check out this recent live version of "Show me the Way" where he is clearly still playing and performing very well. Thank you Peter.