Spin Notes #4 - Eddie and The Cruisers - Soundtrack

October 12, 2021 2 min read

Spin Notes #4 - Eddie and The Cruisers - Soundtrack

Eddie and the Cruisers was a motion picture released in 1983 about a fictional Rock and Roll band hailing from New Jersey. The music was pure rock and the singer was driven by perfection. But there were so many other elements of nostalgia in the movie, you really have to watch it for yourself to enjoy it. Yes, there is some resemblance to another popular artist from New Jersey.

As a kid I discovered this movie on HBO and I loved to watch it when ever it was on. What moved me most was the music and how I was convinced these guys performed all the music. They were all great songs and it is still one of my favorite albums today.

Here is a clip from one of the performances in the movie. 


Now as a kid, without access to the internet, I didn't quite know if these guys were real. But I know I loved the story about the music more than the band. As a music lover, you can connect to the characters discovering and creating the music in the movie. In 2016, Rolling Stone ranked the fictional Eddie and the Cruisers at No. 18 in their list of 25 Greatest Movie Bands.

All of the music for soundtrack was really written by John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band. Cafferty has their own right to respect aside from this movie. They have other albums as well as couple other songs that were key elements in other movies. Here is a video with the real musicians playing the song featured in the movie.

They are still performing live today. If you have a chance, do yourself a favor and check out one of their shows. Thank you for making some fantastic music guys!

- Rich Bean | Andover Audio Customer Service Specialist