Looking for the Best Turntable Speaker?

October 19, 2021 2 min read

The Stereo of the Future! by Andover Audio

Andover Audio has created a solution for your turntable audio, called SpinBase. 

SpinBase fits perfectly under any turntable in a low-profile package. It features:

  • Built-In Amplification and Speakers 
  • Built-In Phono Pre-Amp
  • Bluetooth
  • Line input (connect a CD player, Cassette Player, or PreAmp)
  • Phono Input (connect Turntable)
  • Subwoofer/Line Output
  • Bass and Treble Adjustment


270º Sound

SpinBase features four speaker drivers, designed to emit a large 270º sound stage – perfect for filling a room with expansive music. SpinBase gives listeners the detail, separation, and wide soundstage traditionally produced in separate stereo speakers.


Simple Connections to your Turntable

Part of the Spin Product Series

SpinBase is the core unit for the Spin System, which includes everything you need to create a compact viny-playing setup. More info on Spin System.




SpinBase will seamlessly pair with any bluetooth device, such as your phone, computer, or tablet.

With the amazing advances in technology you can now stream music via Bluetooth to a small speaker and take it anywhere with you. You might have a larger one in the house with a voice you talk to.  Sshh.. dont say her name she's listening. This is amazing.. right?  

The disadvantage to most of these Bluetooth speakers is that they are small and are often mono, reducing listening enjoyment. SpinBase offers a large cabinet with a listening experience comparable to having two separate speakers. 

In the past, many components would be required to do what SpinBase packs in one package. This includes:

  • Turntable
  • Amplifier
  • Tuner (radio)
  • Equalizer
  • Cassette Deck
  • Speakers

Many listeners still setup up component setups, but SpinBase is geared more for those seeking the most compact solution, and one that does not sacrifice on sound quality.

On Stereo

Stereo is 2 Channel Music comprised of a Left and a Right Channel. Before stereo, there was mono. This was one channel that had a more limited experience. Stereo provides a wider richer sound. If you haven't thought about this before, I recommend sitting in front of a stereo system that has a left and right speaker, and listening to a favorite song or album. Pay close attention to the placement of the instruments and the depth of the mix. Does it sound like the artist is in front of you? Are things panning (moving) from left to right? When artists are mixing their music, they make very careful choices and invest a lot of time and resources. Some recording engineers are in such high demand strictly for their ability to mix all the music into a final song. In some cases a recording might have up to 128 individual instruments or tracks that all need to be carefully balanced. 

With SpinBase, you get audio performance akin to having two separate speakers, without the additional mess of cables and room that system takes up. Now your speaker system sits under your turntable, making it the best turntable speaker for those who want a compact format and high listening enjoyment.