"Albert King/Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session" is a live album featuring two legendary blues guitarists, Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan, recorded in 1983 for a television program. The album showcases the incredible talent and chemistry of these two blues icons as they trade solos and perform together.

The album features classic blues tracks, such as "Pride and Joy," "Born Under a Bad Sign," and "Texas Flood," as well as some lesser-known songs. The musicianship is exceptional, with King and Vaughan both delivering powerful and emotive performances that showcase their unique styles and techniques.

One of the highlights of the album is the extended version of "Don't Lie to Me," which features an extended guitar solo section where King and Vaughan push each other to new heights. The chemistry between the two guitarists is palpable, and the energy and excitement of their performance is contagious.

Overall, "Albert King/Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session" is a must-have for fans of blues and guitar music. It captures two of the greatest guitarists of all time at the top of their game, delivering electrifying performances that showcase their immense talent and passion for the blues.