"Tito Puente - Para Los Rumberos" is a classic Latin jazz album released in 1956 by Tito Puente, the legendary Puerto Rican percussionist and bandleader known as the "King of Mambo." The album features a collection of upbeat and danceable tracks, including the title track "Para Los Rumberos" and other popular tracks such as "Mambo Beat," "3-D Mambo," and "Hong Kong Mambo." With its infectious rhythms and grooves, the album helped to popularize Latin jazz and influenced countless musicians in the genre. Tito Puente's virtuosic performances on the timbales and his inventive arrangements continue to inspire new generations of Latin jazz musicians.

I was absolutely blown away with not only the look and the sound of the SpinDuo, it was easy to set up, fits my small space perfectly & the price point is spot on. I think when people talk about plug and play setups, this should be top of the list though it certainly doesn’t give a plug and play vibe.”

- Bill Walter @keep.spinnin

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