Andover-One Subwoofer


The powerful bass you deserve

From pipe organs to orchestral double basses to bass guitars, there’s a deep thrill to be had in the deepest musical octaves. And this subwoofer delivers. Behind the scenes, a host of technical wizardry, including a 150-watt Class D amplifier, a matched pair of 10-inch drive units, sophisticated Digital Signal Processing and patent-pending IsoGroove® technology all combine to complement your Andover-One™ or One E system beautifully.

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Made for music

Many subwoofers are ported designs intended for the thumps and bangs of home theater. The Andover-One Subwoofer is a sealed-box design optimized for music. You get fast, accurate musical transients along with deep, clear, unexaggerated bass.

Setup simplicity

Even if you’ve never connected a subwoofer before, setup is a breeze. The center detent for the crossover frequency and output level controls are specifically optimized for the Andover-One system. So you just plug in. And play. When you switch on your source system, the subwoofer automatically powers up from standby.

Feedback, defeated

Subwoofers work by producing vibration. The business end of a turntable works by detecting vibration. So under normal circumstances, placing your turntable system in the same stand as a subwoofer is a recipe for a miserable distortion called “acoustic feedback.” Andover’s patent-pending IsoGroove technology protects your turntable from vibration – and protects your music from feedback. Independent audio critics who rarely agree on anything have declared the technology “lived up to its billing” and “works as advertised” and called it “so amazing” and “genius.”

Class D amplifier

Most power amplifiers generate substantial heat along with the wattage. So it’s difficult to fit a powerful amplifier into a compact subwoofer. But that’s what we accomplished. Our Class D amplifier is remarkably cool and
compact while delivering a gut-shaking 150 watts total RMS.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

To help ensure low noise, low distortion and long operating life, the critical low-pass filtering and level controls are accomplished by a powerful Analog Devices SigmaDSP® digital signal processor.

A beautiful match for the Andover-One and One E systems

Featuring a stylish, tempered glass top, the subwoofer is designed to sit by itself. Or you can attach our upper rack to the top with high-strength furniture cams, to create a simple, immensely satisfying, integrated system.

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