6 Things to Look For When Selecting a Turntable

March 12, 2024 2 min read

The quality of your turntable is crucial for a satisfying and accurate listening experience, especially if you are an audiophile or someone who values high-fidelity sound.
A Closer Look At What Matters:

Sound Quality (The obvious one): A high-quality turntable can reproduce sound more accurately, capturing the nuances and details of the music. This results in a richer and more enjoyable listening experience.

Tracking and Stylus Quality: These affect how well it reads the information from the vinyl grooves. A good turntable ensures proper tracking and minimizes wear on your records.

Build and Components: Higher-end turntables often come with superior build quality and components. This can lead to better isolation from external vibrations and improved speed stability, ensuring a more stable playback. 

Durability: Quality turntables are built to last, with durable materials and construction. This is important for maintaining consistent performance over time and protecting your vinyl collection.

Upgradability: Some high-quality turntables allow for upgrades, such as improved cartridges, tonearms, or platters. This flexibility can enhance your system as your budget allows and your preferences evolve.

Easy to Use & Setup: Setting up your turntable shouldn't require going to science class; they should be straight forward and easy to get your records in spinning in no time.

 SpinDeck MAX Fully-Automatic Turntable High-Quality Easy to Use

SpinDeck MAX Fully Automatic Turntable ($547): Luxurious Look, Incredibly Easy Function

"Just how good is the new Andover Audio SpinDeck MAX Turntable? Consider it a mandatory upgrade for your SpinBase or desktop audio system. It's made in Germany, very easy to use, and we love the supplied Ortofon cartridge that works so well with almost every entry-level MM phono stage available."  - Ian White, Editor-in-Chief, Ecoustics.com
"If you’re looking for a higher-end, more automated record experience, Andover Audio recently introduced the SpinDeck MAX." - Forbes
"This is a no brainer."  - Andrew Robinson (Recovering Audiophile)

SpinDeck 2 Semi-Automatic Turntable Easy to Use Starter Turntable Affordable Price

SpinDeck 2 Semi-Automatic Turntable ($299): Phenomenally Easy to Get Your Records Spinning

"As an entry-level piece, though, I think Andover delivers everything that a budding audiophile might want from a turntable. It's not terribly difficult to put together, it's easy to use, and it has a good sound. One of important things that this turntable offers at this price is the built-in phono preamp."  - Future Audiophile Magazine
"Unlock the beauty of vinyl with the SpinDeck™ 2 turntable. From the rubber isolation feet on the bottom to the motor, tonearm, and cartridge, every aspect is engineered to bring out the beauty of your precious LPs. This semi-automatic vinyl record player is easy to use and high quality!" - Audio Advice
"Some sequels are worth waiting for more than others. Case in point: Andover Audio’s SpinDeck2 turntable, which is the replacement piece for the company’s well-received SpinDeck belt-drive turntable. "  - Analog Planet