Spindeck Belt-Drive Turntable by Andover

July 08, 2020 1 min read

Spindeck Belt-Drive Turntable by Andover

Spindeck ($299) offers users of all backgrounds a plug-and-play turntable right out of the box. Featuring high-quality materials and precision-engineered parts, Spindeck is the perfect vinyl-playing addition to Spinbase, or your favorite audio components.

Spindeck simplifies turntable setup with a tonearm outfitted with a pre-set counterweight and pre-mounted custom Ortofon OM series cartridge.

The main chassis of the turntable is made from engineered particle board, which is sturdy yet light weight. Housed underneath the chassis is an ultra-quiet synchronous motor with a silicone belt that drives a low-resonance platter made from MDF.


An AC-powered motor control effectively minimizes unwanted vibration. The main platter bearing consist of a stainless-steel spindle and a bronze bushing with a Teflon bottom, to ensure long-lasting playback.

“Spindeck is a precision turntable that features high-quality materials and superb sound. It comes out of the box pre-set and ready to play. Its simplicity belies its elegant engineering that will extract the most from records with minimum wear. It’s the perfect companion to our Spinbase turntable speaker system, or any other system where the listener wants great sound with no fuss.”

– Bob Hazelwood, Director of Engineering, Andover Audio
Spindeck is available for purchase directly on our website (HERE) and at participating dealers.