Five Reasons to Purchase an Internet Music Streamer

June 29, 2021 1 min read

Five Reasons to Purchase an Internet Music Streamer

Do you use Spotify or one of the higher-res streaming service, such as Tidal or QoBuz?

Here are five reasons why you should get an internet music streamer for your streamer needs.

We are fortunate these days to have access to so much incredible music; however, sometimes listening to music on our phone (or other smart device) can be interrupted by other functions, such as receiving text messages, phone calls, and playing other content with audio. A music streamer will take this burden away from the phone, and play music over the internet directly.

The main benefits include:

  1. Stream music in stereo to your favorite speakers by connecting a Songbird. Listen in stereo instead of settling for mono on your small Bluetooth speaker.  It makes a difference.
  2. Control your music anywhere in your home at the touch of a button, using the Songbird Control App and the Songbird streamer. You are no longer limited to staying within the ~30 foot requirement with Bluetooth devices.
  3. Stream in high-res streams (then converted to CD quality) your speakers.
  4. Stream all of your digital files to your favorite speakers using Airplay or DLNA.
  5. Connect multiple Songbirds to stream online services synchronously to different rooms in your home.

Being that we make an internet streamer, we can suggest where to start looking first.

Songbird by Andover Audio $149

For details on all of our supported services, check out the Specifications section.