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SpinStand Record Stand


Raise the profile of your SpinBase system

For anyone looking to place a SpinBase™ system at the optimum height and add more storage, we proudly present the SpinStand™ rack. Available in black or white finish, this robust, metal-reinforced rack holds up to 150 typical LPs and complements the décor of almost any room.

"This product is tailor-made for vinyl enthusiasts"

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The perfect match for your SpinBase system

The SpinStand rack shares the same footprint as the SpinBase and SpinBase MAX systems. So it can accommodate either one beautifully.

Adjustable feet

Have an uneven floor? The rack includes adjustable feet to properly level your setup.

Storage for up to 150 LPs

Here’s room for up to 150 typical LPs. (Gatefold covers and multi-disc sets will reduce this capacity.)

Two configurations

You can build the SpinStand rack in a three-shelf or four shelf configuration, depending on your needs. The extra shelf provides ready storage for record brushes, record weights, and other accessories.

Headphone hanger

As an added touch, the supplied metal headphone hanger can mount onto either side of the stand.

  • Configurable with Three or Four Shelves
  • Headphone Hanger
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Metal-Reinforced Supports
  • Engineered Wood
  • Available in Black or White
  • 18" Wide x 13.5" Deep x 29.5" / 33.5" High (three / four shelves)
  • 13" Height Between Shelves; 3.5" High Between Top Shelves
  • 32 lbs

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