Easy-to-Use Vinyl Record Player with Speaker Music System

Everything you need to get spinning vinyl records quickly, enjoying your music in no time at all!

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SpinDuo MAX Record Player System


SpinDuo MAX by Andover

Everything you need to get spinning vinyl records quickly, enjoying your music in no time at all- and more.  The perfect pair for vinyl record playback! SpinDeck MAX Fully-Automatic turntable and SpinBase MAX amplified speaker system with Bluetooth input and output, more power, and larger bass drivers to match. SpinBase MAX is specifically designed for use directly under a turntable featuring ISOGroove anti-vibration feedback technology, enabling clear and loud playback of records with bass and NO acoustic feedback! Simple connection, elegant style, high performing vinyl record player. The perfect pair! SpinDuo MAX by Andover.  

Simply. Great. Sound.

MAX Performance.

Included in this system bundle is:


Fully-Automatic turntable - With the push of a switch, the tonearm lifts, positions itself at the start of the record, gently falls and begins to play.  When the end of the record is reached, the tonearm automatically lifts, returns to its home position and the record stops spinning.

Audiophile respected cartridge - The Ortofon OM10 cartridge features a replaceableElliptical Diamond stylus and comes pre-installed on the SpinDeck MAX tonearm ready to play without any adjustment out of the box.

Dual Speed - Switch Selectable 45/33 RPM playback to support the most common vinyl record formats!

Versatile - SpinBase MAX includes Phono Input, Line (Aux) Input, Bluetooth input and output.  SpinDuo MAX can playback everything from Vinyl to digital music from your smartphone!

High Performance Playback - IsoGroove™ Technology, Class D amplifier and 270° loudspeaker array combine to deliver soul-satisfying, room-filling music reproduction.