PM-50 Planar Headphones

The PM-50 offers an audiophile-grade listening experience to music enthusiasts in a luxurious, yet reasonably-priced package.

"Andover PM-50s have stepped up to the podium as a choice pick."
Headphone Guru

#1 in "The Best Audiophile Headphones..."
Rolling Stone

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What are the PM-50 Planar Headphones?

The PM-50 takes full advantage of Planar Magnetic benefits to provide a balanced presentation across the musical spectrum. The combination of the open-back design, and Planar Magnetic technology results in reproduction devoid of the resonances and coloration inherent in common closed-back dynamic driver headphones. The inherent wide-range capability of Planar Magnetic technology results in a coherent audio singularity that totally eliminates the inevitable phase distortions caused by the crossover networks of multi-driver headphones. The result is an open, natural sound that is as true to the original performance as possible.

"The PM-50s pack a lot of value, with great comfort, precision build quality, and superb sound for their reference-grade magnetic drivers. We're excited to introduce the PM-50s as the first of many Andover products into the critical-listening headphones space."
- Bob Hazelwood (Andover Chief Engineer)

The PM-50 Headphones are driven by any source including smartphones, portable music players, DACs, traditional audio systems, and dedicated headphone amplifiers.

What is the Media Saying about the PM-50s?

"For users that want the soundstage benefits of an open-back but that innate vocal intimacy of a closed-back with a wide range of musical support but at a bargain price, the Andover PM-50s have stepped up to the podium as a choice pick."
Bowei (Headphone.Guru)

"I found them just really pleasant to use overall, especially with the rounded pads...[and] they’re comfortable enough for long, long listening sessions."
Brent Butterworth (Contributor, Soundstage Solo)

"...sports seductive walnut hardwood enclosures and gorgeously rounded black metal earlap brackets."
Todd Anderson (Editor/Senior Admin, AV Nirvana)

"...well built, well tuned, and fairly easy to drive...good detail throughout, and a boost in the range needed to bring vocals to the foreground."
Willjen (Head-Fi Contributor)

"...a relatively affordable ($500) design that still manages to surprise with walnut housings and replaceable ear-cushions."
Joao Martins (Editor,

"...a beautiful, well-built set of planar headphones, that gives you nice detail and resolution along with articulate bass at a reasonable price."
Paul Cash (HiFi Trends)

"PM 50s gave me a nice in-room sense of space."
Chris Bisha (360 Sound)

"My strongest impression of the PM-50s is the amazing level of attention Andover spent on making these headphones, they are a work of art!"
Indiana Lang (

"These new Planar Magnetic headphones from Andover Audio are stunning!"
Paul Cash (Editor, Hi-Fi Trends)

"Overall, we would recommend Andover Audio’s PM-50s to music fans who appreciate subtlety, refinement, and neutrality in their headphones."
Eric Benoit (Qobuz USA)

"A pleasant surprise, indeed. With very good detail, gorgeous looks and wonderful mids."
Ngoshawk (Contributor, Head-Fi)

...overall a very clean and more dynamic sound than I was expecting from a first effort planar magnetic.”
Grover Neville (Inner Fidelity)

"I’m convinced the PM-50 is a headphone that will bring a smile on many faces..."
Lieven (Headphonia)

PM-50 Specifications


• Headphone Style: Over-Ear

• Enclosure: Genuine Walnut Hardwood

• Ear-Cushions: Two Sets

• Cable: Removable / Upgradable


• Headphone Impedance Rating: 32 ohms

• Frequency Response Range: 15Hz - 50kHz

• Driver Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW

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