"Miles Davis - Tribute to Jack Johnson" is a jazz-rock fusion album released in 1971. The album was recorded as a soundtrack for a documentary film about the legendary boxer Jack Johnson, and features a unique blend of jazz improvisation and rock instrumentation.

The album features a small group of musicians, including guitarist John McLaughlin, bassist Michael Henderson, and drummer Billy Cobham, who deliver a powerful and dynamic performance throughout. Davis' trumpet playing is both expressive and restrained, and he explores a range of moods and emotions throughout the album.

One of the standout tracks on the album is "Right Off," which features a driving rhythm section and blistering guitar solos from McLaughlin. The track "Yesternow" is another highlight, featuring a slow and atmospheric groove and a haunting trumpet melody.

Overall, "Miles Davis - Tribute to Jack Johnson" is a groundbreaking album that helped define the fusion genre. Its innovative blend of jazz and rock elements paved the way for future experimentation in jazz and other genres. The album remains a classic of the genre and a testament to Davis' talent and vision as a musician and bandleader.