August 20, 2020 1 min read

Andover Spinbase Turntable Speaker System: $299

The Spinbase is a unique all-in-one powered speaker that doubles as a turntable platform. You might think of it as a music-focused soundbar that replaces the added complexity of (and space consumed by) two speakers with a single box that actually sounds good — a clever alternative to a component-based, entry-level system. We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t the top of a speaker the last place you should put a turntable? Absolutely, which is what makes this bar so amazing. Andover employs a remarkable technology it calls IsoGroove Feedback Elimination to ensure the top surface is well-damped and free of vibration. Longtime audiophile Michael Trei was astonished by the speaker’s ability to deliver open, room-filling sound without any obvious sonic downsides. “I'm not sure what DSP tricks are being used, but the image was expansive without sounding unfocused or out-of-phase.” Adding to its appeal, the Spinbase supports Bluetooth streaming and is dead simple to set up and use.

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