February 04, 2021 1 min read

Model-One Shipment Update:
Model-One order shipments to customers have been delayed due to events affecting our industry globally.
First, there has been a severe shortage of electronic parts, impacting the manufacturing of consumer electronics. Lead times on critical semiconductors have jumped from a typical 6-12 weeks up to nearly a year in some instances. Some companies have substituted alternative, often lower grade parts, but we have chosen to maintain our standards, even if it means incurring additional wait times.
Then just when it seemed that was behind us, the logistics channels moving merchandise globally became seriously backed up. We literally have been unable to book shipping containers in a timely manner, and finished products are stuck in warehouses, unable to move.
This article explains the global shipping situation more in depth: http://www.olgn.org/index.php/american-shipper-transpacific-trade-crashes-into-maxcapacity-ceiling-freightwaves/
We will be sure to update your order's delivery time, when we have some more concrete dates to share.
Thank you for your patience an understanding,

The Support Team @ Andover Audio