July 09, 2020 1 min read

Andrew Robinson reviewed the Model-One for Home Theater Review.

We are posting just the conclusion for brevity, but you can read the full review here: link.

"Let's not mince words here: the Andover Audio Model-One music system is a niche product aimed at a very, very specific customer. At around $3,500 direct for the whole system or $1,999 for just the Model-One itself, it's not likely going to garner mass appeal. And yet, it routinely sells out. So, while traditional audiophiles may not understand or even want it, it would seem music and vinyl enthusiasts do. I know I love it, and I love it not only for its design and ease-of-use, but also for what it did for me and my daily life and wellbeing. So, while on the surface the Model-One may not make the most sense on a lot of levels, where it counts, it may be one of the best products I've ever reviewed."

- Andrew Robinson